¿Cheap flights to London? Know useful tricks to get cheap flight tickets

30 November, 2016

Getting cheap flights to London is possible, you just need to know how to look for them. If you want to travel to London saving money, everything is not about low cost companies, last minute travel deals or the flight search engine. There are some tricks to get the cheapest flight. Do you want to book your cheap flights to London without waiting for the last minute ones? We are going to help you to get a bargain trip.

consejos viajar londresBest time to book flight tickets: identify when to book them

vuelos baratos londres

How many times have you seen a cheap flight to London on the Internet and next day the price went up? Have you thought about the booking day? And the time? Did you know there are some specific days when flight tickets to London are cheaper?

According to Airlines Reporting Corporation latest study, which has calculated flight statistics between 2013 and 2015, the best day to book a flight to London would be on Sunday. So set an alarm and check the prices that day. Although, keep checking them in case there is some kind of oscillation.

vuelo a madridThe best days to buy flight tickets to London, forecasts don’t always get it right

vuelos baratos londres

Despite the Wall Street Journal study, airlines change the algorithm to ensure it is not always the same procedure. So talking about booking flight tickets, we can say “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” George Hobica claims that if you see a good offer on Thursday, don’t wait for Sunday to get it. Because you will be surprise! Use your head and mischief.

london-metro-logoBook your cheap flights to London well in advance to get the best one

vuelos baratos londres

If you are looking for the cheapest flight to London, you just need to check on the flight search engines between 7 and 9 weeks before traveling. According to a study published by Skycanner, it would be the best time to find the lowcost prices for flights.

consejos viajar londresChoose the cheapest months to travel to London

vuelos baratos londres

Traveling to London involves organizing many things, and maybe you don’t have enough time to do it. Or you don’t want it because of the weather forecast. But if you really want to find the cheapest flight to London you should travel between March, April, May and September. Curiously they are the rainiest months and those which are less advised to visit the city, is it like you expected it to be? Know when is the best time to travel to London.

Avoid flying to London on weekend and get a cheaper flight

Just one day difference and your plane ticket could be cheaper. So, if you have the chance to visit London early on Friday or late Thursday, or coming back on Monday you will get the cheapest one for sure! Low cost trip to London is possible!

Also, if you could travel during the week, these days would probably be the cheapest ones.

consejos viajar londresChoose low cost airlines to book a flight to London and get the best price

billetes avion baratos londres

If you want a cheap flight you should think about nothing fancy and tourist class. There are many airlines flying to England from Spain. Just select the date at any flight search engine and you will surely get some flights with Ryanair or Easyjet airlines! Since its beginning, traveling around Europe has become more affordable.

By saving money in your flight to London you will be able to look for a good hotel in the city centre.

consejos viajar londresWhere to book a cheap flight to London? Travel agencies or official websites of the airlines

billetes avion baratos londres

Depending on the time, you can find better prices on the travel agencies you will find on the flight search engines, or on the airlines’ own websites. Don’t discard any of the two options to book a flight! Always check, you will be surprised by the different options!

If you follow these tips and have enough patience to keep an eye everywhere offering cheap flights, surely you will get the best price!

Once you get your cheap flights to London … why not take a look at our Mega Travel Guide of London? It is the most complete, graphic and simple you will find on the Internet! Traveling to London for free has never been so simple and … cheap!

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