What to eat in Gran Canaria? Know the excellent products of the Canarian cuisine

19 October, 2016

If you are in Gran Canaria and wondering what is the typical Canarian food, we are here to help you. We have prepared all the information about the gastronomy in Gran Canaria to know what to ask for when reading a Canarian restaurant’s menu. There are many typical Canarian dishes but we will show you the best ones, only with the smell you can find out what to eat in Gran Canaria.

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What to visit ouside Madrid? Must-see places outside the region

2 September, 2016
que ver fuera de madrid

If you don’t know what to see outside Madrid, you came to the right place. If you are travelling to Madrid and you are in doubt about what to visit, here you will find solutions to your problems. Must-see cities located outside Madrid with their means of transport, routes and strong reasons to want to discover close places (and not so close) to the Community of Madrid. Take advantage of your trip to Madrid to know other cities by doing a different plan!

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