What to eat in Gran Canaria? Know the excellent products of the Canarian cuisine

19 October, 2016

If you are in Gran Canaria and wondering what is the typical Canarian food, we are here to help you. We have prepared all the information about the gastronomy in Gran Canaria to know what to ask for when reading a Canarian restaurant’s menu. There are many typical Canarian dishes but we will show you the best ones, only with the smell you can find out what to eat in Gran Canaria.

que comer gran canariaMojo picón, a classic of the gastronomy of Gran Canaria you should try no matter what

If there is something more canary than the Teide Volcano is the mojo picón (in English, mojo). Caco Senante sang it once “the rich Canarian sauce is called mojo” and it has become a star of the Canarian cuisine. It is made of La Palma pepper, coriander, cumin, parsley, vinegar… they are some of the ingredients of green and red mojo. Both are the perfect mix to have with the typical Canarian potatoes called papas arrugadas. 

Green mojo, the Canarian sauce to have with fish

The green mojo is often present in fish dishes, so typical of the Canarian cuisine for its insular nature. It is usually made of green pepper, coriander and parsley and its taste is perhaps something less spicy than red mojo.

Red mojo, the most known around the Islands and outside them

Both are perfect to have with papas arrugadas, but red mojo is perhaps the most famous so far that as the islands themselves. This is the mojo sauce usually poured in meat and it is made of La Palma pepper and paprika, a little spice of the Canarian cuisine.

que comer gran canariaPapas arrugadas, an excellent dish to try in Gran Canaria

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Whether to have them with a good meat, the freshest fish on the island or a cold beer next to the Playa de las Canteras, papas arrugadas are another star product in the Canarian cuisine. So it would be unforgivable that, during your trip to the Canary Islands, you would miss them.

Papas arrugadas are small potatoes made with lots of salt and little water, and they boil until they shrivel.

It is one of the Canarian products easy to eat at any time, so no excuses!

Where to eat papas arrugadas in Gran Canaria?

You can find them at any bar or restaurant on the island, but if you want to know where they are cooked in the best way, go to:

Restaurante Grill La Casa Vieja

Carretera de Fataga 139,
San Bartolomé de Tirajana

gastronomia canariasBaked potato, a world classic starter in the Canarian cuisine

Roast leg of pork is a typical dish you will find at any Canarian party. The recipe involves to marinate the leg from the previous day in a flock with lemon juice in order to roast it the next day. After that, the next step is to cut it into slices as an appetizer to have with some delicious papas arrugadas.

Where to eat roast leg in Gran Canaria?

One of the places we like to recommend for its extensive menu and Canarian specialties is the Restaurante El Herreño. It is located in La Vegueta neighborhood in Las Palmas.

The restaurant is located here:

Calle de Mendizábal, 5

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

gastronomia canariasPork sausage from Teror, an aperitif to eat in Gran Canaria

The pork sausage from Teror is a paste made with ground pork, paprika and garlic and usually taken smeared in toasts. It is a perfect starter before tasting other typical dishes of Gran Canaria.

Many people don’t hesitate to spread the pork sausage of Teror on bread to make a sandwich as a snack. Exquisite!

que comer gran canariaGofio, from the guanche gastronomy to the Canarian cuisine

If you are on holidays in Gran Canaria, is palpable the Guanche in many aspects. From the name of towns and cities to the Canarian dishes. Gofio is one of the dishes from the indigenous Berber who lived on the island in ancient times.

Gofio is a Canarian dish you can try at most restaurants of Las Palmas and in some other places of the Island. Gofio is a flour mixture made of toasted cereal grain with little salt. You can find it in different ways, either with milk, cheese or soup.

Where to eat the best Canarian gofio?

If you want to try the best gofio from Gran Canaria, you will find it in Bar Restaurante Tagoror, where many other Canarian specialties are cooked such as boiled potatoes, soup or various meats.
Another strong point of the restaurant is the location close to the Barranco de Guyadeque, vegetation and mountains in one of the most beautiful ravines of Gran Canaria.

Bar Restaurante Tagoror

Montaña Las Tierras, 21, Guayadeque


gastronomia canariasRopa vieja (Old clothes), the chickpeas are also part of the Canarian cuisine

If you are someone who love eating, you should try one of the most typical Canarian dishes: ropa vieja, also called in English old clothes.

Ropa vieja is a stew made with chickpeas, meat, garlic and spices like thyme. First the meat is made with chickpeas and then it is cooked in a pan with garlic, vegetables and paprika. A Canarian dish to ask for at the best restaurants of Gran Canaria!

Where to eat the best ropa vieja in Gran Canaria?

We advise you to go to Bar Casa Perdomo, where you can eat also some other specialties of the Canarian cuisine. You will also find different varieties of grilled meat with the best views of the island. Definitely you have to try it!

Bar Casa Perdomo

Calle Marfil nº5

Aldea Blanca

gran canariasCarajacas, a different dish to eat in Gran Canaria

It is different because the dish you are asking for is made of liver. If you are passionate about gastronomy, dare to try this dish full of energy and vitamins.

The Carajacas is a dish of marinated liver cooked in a pan. If you’re too apprehensive, don’t force yourself. Canarian cuisine has many dishes you can order something else!

Where to eat Carajacas in Gran Canaria?

Definitely one of the places we recommend to eat any Canary product, especially Carajacas, is:

De Enyesque Canteras

Calle Churruca 1

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

que comer gran canariaSancocho, the perfect one when you are wondering what to eat in Gran Canaria

Although the Sancocho is a typical dish of Gran Canaria, it is usually prepared all year on the island. The typical dish consists of salted fish, boiled potatoes, papas arrugadas and gofio.

Where to eat Sancocho?

If you want to try one of the best Sancochos of the island, visit the Restaurante Mirador el Balcón de Zamora. Traditional Canarian cuisine at a reasonable price!

The address of the restaurant is:

Carretera Gran Canaria 21, 13

Do you dare to try the fresh fish of Gran Canaria?

If you are in Las Palmas, don’t miss a visit to Los Botes Restaurant, in calle Timonel, 43. You will find the freshest fish in town and overlooking the sea!

gran canariasThe banana, one of the star products to eat in Gran Canaria

If you are on holidays in Gran Canaria and want to know what to carry with you to the beach we offer several things: towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, smartphone to take some photos to the beauty of the Canarian coast and a banana for a snack. So simple,there is no more delicious banana than the Canarian one and it is a real source of vitamins. Its potassium content is magnificent and perfect for a day at the beach.

If you prefer to drink some beers and have some fries, don’t worry! You can also try the Canarian banana as a dessert at the best restaurants in Gran Canaria. Creativity is limitless!

As you see traveling to Gran Canaria it is not limited to sun and beach, its people, its mountains and its cuisine will make your holidays in the Canary Islands the best ones. We hope all this information about the gastronomy in Gran Canaria have helped you to decide what to eat on the Islands. What is your favorite dish?

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